A beautiful, new Fine Wines and Spirits Boutique is now right here in your neighborhood. Dunwoodie Wines & Spirits is just minutes away on Midland Avenue and stocked with great wines from classic wineries and your favorite spirits for every occasion. PRICED RIGHT... RIGHT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Fine wines from legendary vintners:
Now you can find the best wine to pair with your favorite dishes! Share the joy of experiencing fine wines... reds, whites, champagne, cordials and more for all your needs. Shop today and toast to our wide selection and affordable prices.

Spirits for every occasion: Whatever the occasion, find the spirits to set the spirit right! Our fully-stocked
boutique features all your favorite brands of fine whiskey, rye, scotch, bourbon, gin, brandie, specialty liquors and more. Priced right, right in the neighborhood!

Shop your neighborhood fine wine and spirits boutique.
Dunwoodie Wines & Spirits has all you need for celebrations,
fine dining and every special occasion that needs good cheer!


For all our wine lovers, learn more about the facinating history of wine, wine types and more. Search our archive links and gain new insights and appreciation for “The Drink of The Gods”!

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